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for our clients, our employees, and our communities.



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Logic20/20 is a consulting firm committed to enhancing your efficiency, coordination, and velocity. We partner to elevate client performance using strategy, technology, and data.



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We’re one team.


Unity is how we approach our business, our relationships, and our projects. From first meeting through delivery, we work with you to understand your goals, build trust, and develop a strong working relationship. It’s not you and us—it’s we, together as one. We listen first, communicate often, and prioritize transparency—all to help you accelerate your business.



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Our key solutions tackle some of the biggest challenges in business, all by improving individual experiences. When people succeed, change happens.

Visual Analytics

We create a data culture and analytics tools that enable your people to act.


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Customer Service, Powered by Salesforce

We improve your customer service—a win for customers, agents, and your bottom line.


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Data Privacy

We make data privacy simple and actionable for all your teams, so you stay compliant.


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Logic20/20 was founded on a Culture of We.

What does that mean in 2021?


Diversity and Inclusion are foundational.

We have a responsibility to our communities.

We learn more when we learn together.


Our teams are actively working to educate, engage, and apply our learning to continuously improve ourselves and our business.



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DigitalNOW Podcast


In this episode of DigitalNOW, we're joined by Logic20/20 Manager, Alexis Greenwood. She discusses what it means to have a single view of the customer and why this is important for businesses. She also shares more about the Salesforce platform and how we've been partnering with them to enhance the services we offer our clients. Finally, they'll outline a current case study from a Salesforce project she has been working on and the business outcomes she has seen.





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