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Transforming the
Utilities Customer Experience



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Meeting—and exceeding—escalating customer expectations


In a recent survey, 62 percent of utilities said improving the customer experience is their top priority, and with good reason. In both regulated and unregulated markets, customers are demanding the same caliber of experience they receive from Amazon, Uber, and other industry leaders. The good news is that by offering in-demand capabilities like self-service applications and virtual agents (aka chatbots), utility customer care centers can significantly lower their per-contact costs, free their agents to focus on more challenging tasks, and improve customer satisfaction.


At Logic20/20, our Digital Customer Experience solution brings together the pieces you need to make your customer care vision a reality—from online account management to special portals for builders to FAQ chatbots and beyond.


Utility customers

68% of consumers say the pandemic elevated their expectations of companies’ digital capabilities. (Source)

70% of consumers say they already use or are interested in using chatbots for simple customer service requests. (Source)

62% of utilities say their top priority is improving the customer experience—more than cited lowering costs and increasing revenues. (Source)






Escalating customer expectations


High per-contact cost of phone calls


Legacy systems’ inability to scale

Shortage of customer data


Budgetary pressures


High turnover in contact centers

Future vision

Utilities can meet—and exceed—the high expectations of today’s digital customers while reducing overall costs and improving the employee experience for contact center agents. Common questions and requests can be delegated to chatbots and self-service tools, while agents can focus on building customer relationships. Specific wins include ...


1. Decreased call volumes

Reduce the number of costly phone calls by deflecting simple requests and questions to self-service tools.


2. Increased speed-to-resolution

Resolve customer issues more efficiently by helping agents uncover the information they need, when they need it.

3. Increased transparency into new build processes

Enable builders and contractors to track the progress of their new-build utility service requests.


4. Lower overall customer care costs

If an organization spends $6 per agent phone call and receives about 170,000 calls per year, deflecting 30 percent of those calls to self-service tools would yield an annual savings of $306,000 per year.


Digital customer experience platforms

Digital customer experience

Self-service portals and enhanced online tools deliver the speed and range of services customers expect, contributing to an overall improved customer experience.


Builders' portal

Builders and contractors can submit and check the status of their service requests without having to call the contact center.


Omnichannel customer experience

• Automation though FAQs, chatbots, and other self-service tools
• Intelligent automation through AI/ML for customers and agents, enabling faster time-to-resolution
• Messaging and voice channels
• Integrated customer data
• Push notifications on outages and other service issues

Digital customer experience for utilities


Cloud best practices

Cloud best practices

We implement proven best practices to make cloud workloads run reliably, resulting in improved uptime and increased customer trust

DevOps and CI/CD

DevOps and CI/CD

Our teams operate in continuous, seamless collaboration to ensure rapid delivery of premium-quality products.

Data governance

Data governance

We bring structure to your data to enable accurate analytics, regulatory compliance, and a 360-degree view of your customer.

Utilities customer experience



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