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The Utilities Risk Analytics Platform is foundational solution to manage risk across your Utilities business.


Energy companies across the United States have a growing responsibility to identify and prioritize risk in vegetation management, asset management, and pipelines that could spark wildfires.


Logic20/20’s Risk Analytics Platform uses leading-edge analytics to bring intelligence and efficiency to risk management. The scalable platform supports clear reporting on risk and prioritization of field inspection for:  


Asset Management

Vegetation Management

Wildfire Mitigation

Lightning strikes tower

Platforms using data science and machine learning offer utilities a unique opportunity to manage risks more effectively, resulting in improved safety and operational performance.



Improved Asset Safety



Efficient Inspection & Operations



Safety-optimized investment planning



Growing costs of asset failure, including wildfire or service disruption


Public and federal pressure for advanced safety measures


Incomplete historical and manually collected data

Grid enhancements spurred by renewables, distributed energy resources, and electric vehicles


New compliance requirements, including WMP


Limited situational awareness

Utilities Risk Analytics Platform


Through our Utilities Risk Analytics Platform, Logic20/20 applies leading-edge analytics and machine learning technologies to create an end-to-end solution that is changing the way utilities manage risk. We’ve built a holistic approach that can be applied to any factor of risk management— including asset management, vegetation management, drone image evaluation, IoT data management, and more


Reporting, scheduling, & applications

• Preventative maintenance

• Inspection prioritization

• Inspection insights

• Schedule optimization

• Data quality automation

• Strategic insights

Models for risk management aligned to wildfire mitigation

• Asset failure prediction

• Vegetation outage risk scoring

• Image detection:

  • Broken cross-arms

  • Insulator hardware wear detection

  • Overgrowth detectio,



Let's talk about a Utilities Risk Analytics Platform.