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Modernize the grid and reduce risk


Energy companies across the United States have a growing responsibility to identify and prioritize risk in vegetation management, asset management, wildfires, and pipelines. Potential fines and customer interest have made risk management a more pressing concern, especially as shifting environmental factors redefine its scope. Once primarily seasonal, it has become what Cecile Juliette, public information officer of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, called “more of a fire year.”


At Logic20/20, we use data analytics and predictive models to help utilities keep communities safe, avoid disruptions, and optimize costs. Data science solutions like computer vision, MLops, cloud migration, visual analytics, Foundry implementation, and Centers of Excellence enable utilities teams to act decisively, quickly, and with maximum impact.


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Benefits of Analytics for Risk Management


Lower risk and improved safety

Organized data, intelligent predictions, and clear data visualizations make it easy to schedule and execute on vegetation management and avoid service disruptions.



Documentation to support regulatory compliance

With their data organized and processes thoroughly documented, utilities can access key compliance information and run impact analyses to satisfy requirements like California’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP).

More effective cost management

In addition to avoiding costly fines associated with poor risk management, utilities can use machine learning solutions to send inspectors out when and where they’re needed and predict the timeline of failure.



Increased customer satisfaction via reduced downtimes

With assets managed properly, utilities can reduce and/or eliminate downtimes, keeping customers comfortable, safe, and happy.

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Utilities Risk Analytics Platform


Through our Utilities Risk Analytics Platform, Logic20/20 applies leading-edge analytics and machine learning technologies to create an end-to-end solution that is changing the way utilities manage risk.


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Vegetation Management


Modernize vegetation management with insights from machine learning, automated field management scheduling, and on the ground inspections


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