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Operational intelligence, powered by data


Faced with an aging infrastructure, increasing energy consumption, shifting demand patterns, and a host of other challenges, utility companies taking control of their future with data-driven solutions. Modernization is their goal, and advanced Utility Analytics solution is helping them achieve it.


Logic20/20 helps utilities build operational intelligence to meet the growing demands of today’s environment and achieve their modernization goals of

• High return on infrastructure investments

• Improved system safety and reliability

• Reduced operating costs


Benefits of Utility Analytics


Reduced outage risk and improved reliability

Intelligent predictions enable predictive maintenance to reduce truck rolls and avoid service disruptions.



Regulatory reporting automation

Easily access vital compliance information to satisfy regulatory requirements such as California’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan.



Proactive cost management

Use machine learning solutions to predict asset failure and send repair crews precisely when and where they’re needed.

Increased customer satisfaction

Manage assets proactively to reduce and/or eliminate downtimes, keeping customers comfortable, safe, and happy.



Renewables forecasting

Meet sustainability requirements, build more accurate predictions, and adapt to fast-changing environmental factors.



Increased agility

Give decision makers the timely data-driven insights they need for adapting to a changing environment.

Our solution

Logic20/20 guides you through our proprietary Utility Analytics Maturity Model via a coordinated series of initiatives
focused on strategytechnology, and talent.

Begin at legacy ops

Begin at
legacy ops

We meet you where you are today and create a 360-degree picture of your present data ecosystem.



Utility Domain Data Models

Data Governance Process Map & Templates

AGILE Data Science Process Template

Build analytics strength

Build analytics

We define, communicate, and sponsor a transformative vision for your analytics transformation.



Data Science Team Assessment Mix 

Cloud Data Migration Template

Machine Learning Ops Template

Achieve grid intelligence

Achieve grid

Reach your efficiency and safety goals and enable real-time operational decision making—all supported by analytics.



Investment Planning Template

Asset Health Template

Computer Vision Template





white paper

Grid of the Future


Advances in technology are providing utility companies with the capabilities to effectively meet the challenges of today—and begin building the infrastructure of tomorrow. Learn more about where today's challenges meet tomorrow's opportunities.

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