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Improving Asset Management

Outages and downtime are bad for you—but worse for your customers.

We use predictive analytics to prevent interruptions and keep your systems running smoothly. With your equipment maintenance optimized, you’ll spend time fixing what matters—and have more bandwidth for what’s next.



A Three-Part Approach


Utility process optimization
Process Optimization

You’ll get a detailed view of existing processes within your organization, and we’ll work together to streamline them, improving productivity, cycle times, and quality. Whatever your vision and KPIs, you’ll have processes in place that work for your people and help you achieve faster.

Utility infrastructure improvements
Infrastructure Improvements

We’ll analyze and improve your infrastructure, combining modern solutions to fit your needs. You'll have a finger on the pulse of all your assets, able to schedule preventative maintenance and optimize service calls.

Utility change management
Change Management

You and your teams won’t sit on the sidelines; you’ll be agents of change. From day one, we’ll work with you to engage all employees, keeping them informed, involved, and on-board. With purposeful management, your organizational change will last for the long haul.

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How It's Done


Custom & Packaged Software

Software is modernized and transformed to fit your technology and infrastructure needs.

Data Migration

Siloes are eliminated by transferring data from on-premises to cloud storage solutions.

Leadership Alignment

With a focused agreement on a common purpose, your teams will have a clear vision and path forward.

Open Communication

From start to finish, your teams will have a forum to discuss responsibilities, processes, and improvements.

Cloud-based Solutions

Accelerate enterprise cloud implementation, online collaboration, and strategic planning.

Technical Project Management

Successful end-to-end delivery of technical projects, through alignment of people, processes, and technology.

Assessment and Analysis

We'll conduct a thorough stakeholder analysis to ensure needs are met throughout the optimization process.

UX/UI Design and Implementation

Improved navigation and usability of web and mobile interfaces that produce effective, efficient results.

Solution Architecture

Simple and elegant designs for your technology challenges; architected and implemented.

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Success Stories


Power lines
Improving utilities maintenance


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Optimizing user experience


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Redesigning a utility website
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  • City of Seattle
  • ChemPoint
  • NAES
  • PacificNL
  • SW Gas
  • Sempra Energy
  • ChemPoint
  • ChemPoint
  • ChemPoint
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Logic20/20 can modernize your asset management through

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• infrastructure improvements

• change management


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