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Data Science for Utilities Maintenance

Predictive analytics for utilites: Don't just react. Prevent.

As environmental and customer needs change, utilities across the United States are adapting with new technologies. Field data and predictive asset management can combine to minimize risk, optimize maintenance, and prevent damage before it occurs.



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Whether from drone cameras or smart meters, field data is rich with opportunity for maintenance improvements. Utilities can monitor assets at scale by feeding cloud-based field data into machine learning algorithms.

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Machine learning can analyze field data at scale to identify patterns and outliers, proactively indicating when assets are near failure or at risk of environmental damage. When historical environmental data is added, predictive intelligence tools can also foresee how assets will respond to future events like fires, floods, storms, and earthquakes.

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When outages occur, predictive analytics models enable the instantaneous rerouting of electricity, shortening the time customers are without power. Machine learning can also help prioritize incident response crews so that they handle outages more efficiently. With real-time data and intelligent predictions easily available, you can be proactive about asset management—before outages and/or damage occur. Replacing equipment, reducing nearby risks, or even temporarily turning off power can keep customers safe.

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Benefits of Data Science for Utilities

At Logic20/20, our teams are using data science in the utilities industry to scale capabilities, tackle more use cases, and handle higher volumes of data.


Learn more about how your organization can leverage predictive analytics processes and data science to reduce costs, increase speed of innovation and more.

How It's Done


Big Data Analytics

Use field asset insights to your advantage. We help you drive decision making by streamlining analytics, putting data in context, and more.

Predictive Analytics & Data Science for Utilities

Forecast analytics to explore what’s possible with your assets and get up-to-the-minute information about how to prevent issues.

Data Visualizations

With clear data visualizations, you can gather and communicate data to field technicians and customers.

Machine Learning

Let machine learning optimize your work. We excel in automation and use utilities' predictive analytics models to improve operations.

Production Grade Cloud-based Solutions

With cloud solutions in place, your infrastructure can handle the needs of your team, no matter how far afield.

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The ways data & AI are revolutionizing the Utilities Sector

As a part of Microsoft's Azure Data & AI Pioneers Series, Adam Cornille, Director and Advanced Analytics Lead, discusses the ways in which data science and AI are transforming the utilities industry through various initiatives. These initiatives have real human impact and the ability to save lives.



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Benefits for Utilities

  • Lower risk of dangerous accidents
  • Increased insights to improve EERS compliance
  • Reduced customer churn
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Lower human effort for higher ROI

Benefits for Utilities Customers

  • Increased safety
  • Fewer and shorter outages
  • Increased insight into services provided
  • More personalized service experience


Analytics give you the power to understand your assets and adapt your operations at scale, accelerating your business and increasing your ROI. Predictive analytics techniques use the power of machine learning to analyze field data of all kinds and produce recommendations for incident prevention. When you can see what’s coming, you can do what’s necessary.




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