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Logic20/20 & TABLEAU

In Good Company with Tableau.

As a Tableau partner, we understand their products, and how they benefit your business. We find the right solutions for our clients, and enable their business to achieve better insights from their data.




Logic20/20 works with Tableau to help businesses collect, store, transform and connect to the data that is important to them.
Visual Analytics

Tableau delivers flexible visual analytics to your business, empowering you to be successful with your product.

Complete Cloud Solutions

Publish data sources, keep them up to date automatically, and define and share metadata across an organization.

Big Data Accessibility

Visualizations can be created with a large amount of data without impacting the performance of the dashboards.

Mobile Support

Automatically understand which device the user is using and make adjustments to ensure the right actions are taken.

Dashboard Design Kit + Tableau

Further tailor your experience with a Tableau Expansion Pack.

The Dashboard Wireframe Kit is a proven and tested means of rapidly wireframing dashboards to align your data with the needs of the business. Even if you’re short on time, you can still find 10min to rapidly wireframe a concept that will help you avoid miscommunications and achieve clarity of understanding before development.


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Tableau Case Study - Data Integration Post-Acquisition.

Logic20/20 and Tableau architected and implemented a system to support future growth potential after an acquisition.

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