Snowflake Partner

Logic20/20 & Snowflake

Leverage Snowflake for Data-Driven Decisions.

Snowflake has the power to transform how your business uses data. As a trusted Partner, our team of experts can help with everything from implementation and migration, to training and change management. We'll help you unlock your organization's potential, and leverage Snowflake's flexibility and ease to deliver meaningful data insights.




We look at your whole data ecosystem and help you select the technologies you need to successfully implement your new Snowflake data platform. We focus on:

We help you select the best cloud for your existing environment and set it up to scale with your business.

Data Ops

Invest in the end-to-end data lifecycle, with flexible deployments using CI/CD pipelines and automated testing.

Analytics Maturity Assessment

We look at the rest of your environment and identify opportunities for growth, including optimizing cost on the cloud.

Change Management

Managing change for people ensures that change actually happens. We help people understand and use the tools.

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