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Snowflake has the power to transform how your business uses data.


Snowflake is a powerful data platform, but costly mistakes can occur if your migration isn’t successfully executed on the first try.


With a holistic approach to platform architecture, we understand the intricacies of your Snowflake integration and how to accelerate analytics for your team. Changing platforms is an opportunity to improve not only the performance and scalability of your tech stack, but also your data culture.


With every migration, we tailor our approach to your needs, focusing on:

Platform design + implementation planning

• Data platform configuration

• Data migration

• Pipeline refactoring

Data + information architecture

• Optimize platform technology

• Enable stronger business processes

Analytics maturity assessment

• Review your entire analytics environment

• Identify opportunities for growth

Data migration + pipeline conversion

• Cost-effective data staging

• Best complimentary BI tools

• Convert current SQL business rules to work in Snowflake

• Optimize performance

Data ops + cost monitoring

• End-to-end data lifecycle

• Flexible deployment with CI/CD pipelines and automated testing

• Measure & monitor usage to control costs

Change management + training

• Manage communications around change

• Help people understand and use the new tools

• Monitor and act on change metrics

A 360° approach to Snowflake migrations

When we migrate you Snowflake, it's about more than implementing the technology. 


1. Improve quality of data and analytics by cleaning up data during migration.

2. Decrease migration cost by improving prioritization and utilizing technology for quick wins.

3. Improve adoption by treating the dashboard as a data product launch.

Platform design and implementation planning 

We help you select the best cloud for your existing environment and build a plan factoring in configuration, data migration, and pipeline refactoring. 


Data and information architecture 

Design an architecture that will not only optimize the platform technology, but enable stronger business processes. 


Data migration and ELT pipeline conversion 

Build cost-effective data staging approaches, ensure the best complimentary BI tools, convert current SQL business rules to work in Snowflake, and optimize performance.  


Data ops + cost monitoring 

Invest in the end-to-end data lifecycle, with flexible deployments using CI/CD pipelines and automated testing. Design around core DevOps principles in measuring and monitoring usage to control costs. 


Change management + training 

Managing change for people ensures that change actually happens. We help people understand and use the new tools to get the most out of Snowflake.  


Analytics maturity assessment 

We look at the rest of your environment and identify opportunities for growth, including optimizing cost on the cloud.  


Practice Area Lead

Mick Wagner

Mick Wagner
Experienced leader helping teams succeed with data lifecycle strategy, solution architecture, data management, and more.
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Adam Cornille

Adam Cornille
Data science leader and practitioner with over a decade of field experience in development, statistics, and management practices.
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