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Logic20/20 & SALESFORCE

Make Smarter Business Decisions with Salesforce.

As a Salesforce Partner, we help businesses to sell, service, and market through Salesforce's single platform so they can connect with customers more efficiently. From strategy to implementation, our combined commitment to our client's success empowers organizations to meet their customer's experience needs.



We understand your needs and identify opportunities by managing information and interactions on a single, accessible platform. As a Salesforce Partner, we'll help you with:

Our teams design processes and solutions that transform your business results and customer experience.


We'll design, build, and test your new solution as well as ensure smooth migration of legacy system data.


Our consultants will develop and employ change management strategies to empower your users.

Managed Services

We work with your teams to find the right balances of services to support your business.



Salesforce Insights


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