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Record of Processing Activities (ROPA)
Template for GDPR Article 30 Compliance

This ROPA (Record of Processing Activities) template includes eighteen fields to help your company maintain data privacy readiness, or an ongoing state of awareness and effort to be privacy compliant.


The Record of Processing Activities is required by Article 30 of the GDPR. In plain English, Article 30 means that companies must maintain a thorough, written record of how they use data in their organization: who uses it, how, why, when, and for what purpose.


Our ROPA template is a great starting point for companies of all sizes interested in data privacy compliance and data governance. To give you a comprehensive view of your data, the template includes non-mandatory and mandatory fields like:



Data processing activity

Department responsible for that activity

Who is ultimately responsible for the activity


Which types of data are used in the activity

Purpose of processing

Categories of data subjects



Which departmental processes should be
documented in a ROPA template?


Human Resources

An employment offer letter

Onboarding an employee

Reward program processing


Data in marketing automation software

Data across email, social, and loyalty databases

3rd party campaign data



Customer data in 3rd party CRM software

Phone, SMS, email, and social media messages

File management processing and storage


Data in cloud-based platforms

Backup of data to cloud-based object storage

Messages in applications and microservices


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