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Pave the way for a successful launch.

Readiness strategies bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

When your organization launches a new initiative—whether that’s offering a new product or introducing a new sales incentive—getting your people ready for the change is a vital key to success.


In bringing internal and external audiences on board with a new direction, the end goal isn’t sharing information—it’s changing behaviors. When everyone understands not only what the innovation is, but how it changes what they do on a day-to-day basis, you’ve achieved readiness.


Because each group has specific informational needs as well as unique learning and communication preferences, a strategic approach that caters to each group is essential. A comprehensive readiness strategy ensures that everyone receives the tools they need, delivered in a way that aligns with their preferences.


Benefits of readiness

Create an environment to align real-world outcomes with your business goals
Consistent messaging across internal and external communications
process adoption
Increased adoption of new processes and procedures

Our approach


Logic20/20 takes a holistic approach to readiness, starting with an assessment of where you are today and clarification of where you want to be. Then we build and implement a strategy designed to deliver what each audience needs to do their part in making your vision a reality. Finally, we build in a continuous feedback loop that enables ongoing improvement based on actual results.


Readiness - our approach 

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Proven results

Logic20/20 is a proven readiness solutions provider with extensive experience in providing readiness support to our clients. To cite just a few examples ...

Field and customer readiness

Created full range of readiness materials to support new sales strategies with new business solutions. Developed video training, presentations, data sheets, and white papers for field sales team with supporting customer-facing assets.

Messaging for compete strategy

Created core messaging for compete strategy, based on strategic analysis of marketplace, to be used across all marketing. This enables our client to leveraging real market sentiment in deploying holistic, durable marketing campaigns and messaging.

Go-to-market execution

Translated marketing campaign strategy into execution via impactful messaging and aligned marketing operations to excite and mobilize partner sales. The playbook was used to launch and manage a campaign that exceeded sales revenue targets.

Deep technical readiness

Developed core readiness materials for developer audiences (customer and partner)—including online training, technical support assets, and experiential learning via demos—and provided code for developers to practice skills and reuse functionality.



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