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Turn Big Data into big value


Big data is a big deal. It can produce a lot of value for your organization - if you know how to extract it.  

Logic20/20, partnering with Qlik, can craft the right big data approach for your organization, including:


• Making Big Data accessible to your teams

• Going beyond data colletion to associating with your data

• Collaborating around data

• Implement a scalable solution that grows with your business


At Logic20/20, we're experts in business intelligence solutions and big data warehousing.

Qlik data platform 

At Logic20/20, we believe that data and technology are powerful tools to solve business challenges. We help organizations use data to:


• work smarter and faster

• make informed decisions with dashboards and tools designed to provide insight

• build your future business with accurate predictions based on production grade data science


As Qlik partners, our business and technology consultants deliver exceptional business intelligence solutions on a powerful platform.




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