Qlik Dashboard Workshop

How to create an Executive Dashboard


Hosted by: Logic20/20 & Qlik

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Home Plate Center - 1501 1st Ave South, Seattle, WA 98134

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Join us for an exclusive event that will take a hands-on approach to creating Executive dashboards. The dashboard design process was created to eliminate the most common problems in visual analytics, including low business value dashboards and poor user adoption. In the session, we'll focus on requirements gathering, persona creation, building a narrative, and wireframing dashboards. The end result is dashboards that answer provides value to your business, with clear next steps for users, based on the data.


Come with the concept of a dashboard in mind; you'll work with your peers and visual analytics experts to create effective dashboards for telling a story with your data.


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The Enterprise Dashboard Design Process increases adoption and usability

Proven Formula

We’ve taken the guesswork out of how to lay out an enterprise dashboard. Our dashboard template is based on the solid foundation of hundreds of successful dashboards. Our template provides the canvas for you to tell stories with your data.

Behavioral Change

Data doesn't mean much if you don't know what to do with it. In our process, charts and graphs are associated with specific actions, so users know how to respond: what, when, and how to take action. That's real behavioral change.

Business Value

Our dashboard design process is driven by your business questions. Instead of simply starting with an overwhelming amount of data, you can design a dashboard that is clear and relevant with true business value. Solving business problems and answering key questions are the highest priority.


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Event Agenda:


3:00pm - Welcome! Ice breaker activity

3:15pm - What are we doing today

Overview of the Process

Current state of visual analytics 

3:30pm - Activity 1, Understanding stakeholders & users

4:00pm - Activity 2, Building the narrative

4:30pm - Activity 3, Wireframing your dashboard

4:50pm - Art of the possible (Qlik demonstration)

5:20pm - Wrap Up


Nick Kelly, Director of Visual Analytics, Logic20/20

Nick is a hands-on leader in analytics with over 16 years of international experience in analytics and software development, deployment, adoption, and user experience. Nick’s passion lies in building user-centric analytics capabilities that align with business strategy and produce actual value to the business. He has been featured in videos and articles, a regular speaker at international conferences, and has personally trained over 2,000 management consultants in data visualization and analytics best practices.


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