Using Salesforce to streamline emergency preparedness reporting

Large utility expedites reporting of emergency preparedness to regulatory agencies

At a glance

A large utility company needed a system for documenting their gas pipeline safety activities with first responders and reporting their efforts to regulatory agencies.

Customer challenge

Utilities across the country face increased pressure from regulators to improve aging gas pipeline infrastructures and to develop plans for responding to emergencies such as pipeline damage. State regulators required our client to conduct an extensive series of emergency preparedness workshops, training sessions, and practice drills with local police, fire, and community organizations. To demonstrate compliance, our client’s public safety team was required to document each interaction, meeting, and touch point with first responders in the region.


Tracking these activities was a tedious, decentralized process utilizing email and an assortment of worksheets. The company needed an efficient, reliable tracking system that would allow them to respond promptly and accurately to regulatory inquiries.

Approach and solution

Logic20/20 had previously completed multiple successful projects for this client, including a Salesforce implementation. This regulatory issue presented an opportunity to expand on our previous Salesforce work and to help our client maximize the benefit from their investment. The client was also facing a tight timeline, and they knew that our knowledge of their business and our deep experience with Salesforce would enable us to deliver the project quickly.


We designed and implemented a comprehensive repository to track the details of every emergency preparedness activity using Salesforce. The platform enabled our client to respond to regulatory requests quickly and accurately, mitigating the risk of incurring fines for incomplete or erroneous reporting. We also consolidated several years’ worth of data into the new system, so that our client had all records of emergency preparedness activities in one easily accessible place.

Value and benefits - “the wins”

The new system heightened the visibility of the public safety team’s activities, giving management clear insights into their efforts to help reduce resource expenditures. Additional benefits include


• Reduction in time required to respond to regulatory requests, from roughly one week to a few hours or less/li>

• Elimination of duplicate work, as all activity is now visible to the entire public safety team

• Reduction in the number of pipeline damage incidents due to the utility’s improved outreach efforts

• Users in the field can access the system from any device using the Salesforce1 mobile app, with no VPN necessary







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