Upgrading SharePoint to optimize processes and systems for migrations

At a glance:

Symetra needed to improve utilization and processes for SharePoint migrations. Logic 20/20 improved troubleshooting, established governance program, increased usage of tagging, and educated internal teams.

Customer Challenge

Symetra needed to alleviate various pain points and best practices for SharePoint migrations. They needed to improve utilization of SharePoint features, governed processes and procedures. At the same time, they want to increaseusage of tagging, search, and evangelism across various tools.

Approach and Solution:

Logic created a simple, intuitive, and compelling UX/UI templates for default portal, site, and subsite interaction. We:

  • Produced a centralized SharePoint portal for teams to share all data, documents and reporting in a dynamic action tracking tool.
  • Took inventory of current SharePoint sites, users, content, and workflows.
  • Reviewed and revised taxonomy to enable business consistency and improved search function.
  • Implemented simple and intuitive user experience that is easily updatable.

Value and Benefits - “the wins”

Logic 20/20 provided Symetra with a centralized active and flexible data platform. We:

  • Improved self-service reporting to enable users to independently acquire and upload reports
  • Supported analytics with the creation of a single point of entry for all business intelligence.
  • Established a SharePoint instance that was easy to maintain moving forward, with governance protocols and trainings on SharePoint capabilities.


Symetra elevates people’s lives through retirement, employee benefits and life insurance products they trust to provide security and confidence. They serve two million customers through a nationwide network of financial institutions, broker-dealers, independent agents and advisors and benefits consultants. Symetra helps people achieve a secure retirement, businesses to provide valued benefits for their employees, and families to recover from personal loss.





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