Supporting a sales team with new content interface

At a glance:

Microsoft Financing needed to organize existing Financing Marketing & Readiness materials to improve user experience. Logic 20/20 owned end-to-end development and design of user interface that allowed for easier organization and increased searchability.

Customer Challenge

The Microsoft Financing field sales team couldn’t find information and documentation that they needed to support the sales process. They needed to organize existing Financing Marketing & Readiness materials in a user-friendly interface that allowed easier searchability.

Approach and Solution:

Logic 20/20 provided developers and designers to create a new system for the Financing team. We

  • Developed a final solution using InfoPedia
  • Designed a user interface to meet requirements
  • Incorporated user interface with visually appealing design with Win8 UI.
  • Designed and developed document tagging solution allowing for easy organization and increased searchability.

Value and Benefits - “the wins”

Logic 20/20 provided Microsoft Financing with a solution on InfoPedia. We:

  • Enable the easy creation of printed sales material with content from Financing Marketing & Readiness materials.
  • Created user interface that improves searchability for field salespeople, getting the right information to future clients quickly.
  • Tagged documents according to corporate standards to effectively locate materials via internal search.


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