Market analysis to support business and revenue growth

At a glance:

Pearson English wanted to better understand their markets, identify new markets, and grow their revenue for a new product. Logic20/20 conducted qualitative and quantitative market analysis and supported the development of sales tools for their teams to use across their organization.

Customer Challenge

Pearson English wanted to better understand how to increase their market penetration for a newly acquired service line. Asia was an emerging market for English language skills, and Pearson wanted to understand the broader global marketplace and get support for developing go-to-market sales tools for their sales staff.

Approach and Solution:

Logic20/20 provided strategic consultants and developers to perform market research and support the development of a tools set. We:

  • Analyzed Pearson’s existing global customer base by looking at internal and external data sets and interviewing Sales Executives.
  • Performed market segmentation analysis to identify new sales opportunities.
  • Created a tiered account list of over 75,000 companies around the world
  • Developed market assessments for each market, economic outlook, and customer metric

Value and Benefits - “the wins”

Logic20/20 provided Pearson with a marketing solution that helped them identify new markets and grow their business over the next three years. This solution:

  • Increased visibility and transparency between the sales teams and senior leadership, leading to better tracking of sales goals and shared status of top customer prospects.
  • Created a “Roadmap to Success” for executives and regional sales offices that included sales targets, channel strategies, and accountability.
  • Helped Pearson grow their revenue over the next three years.

About Pearson English

Pearson English’s mission is to deliver authentic content that actual native speakers consume in real-life activities, giving English learners the opportunity to practice reading, writing, speaking and listening, and offering feedback from native-speaking tutors on your emerging language abilities.





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