Logic20/20 provides an IT managed service for Xinova, increasing quality while reducing time and cost

Logic20/20 provides an IT managed service for Xinova, increasing quality while reducing time and cost


At a glance:

While changing operating models, Xinova wanted to evaluate their current outsourced IT management service and implement measures with the goal of reducing cost and increasing the quality of their IT management. Logic20/20’s solution surfaced impact and trends enabling Xinova to make informed decisions, optimizing their IT support to fit with Xinova’s new model and corporate focus.


Customer Challenge

Xinova was spun out in 2016, after 9 years of operation as an independent subsidiary dependent on a centralized IT service. Their numerous pivots introduced heterogenous complexities to the IT environment resulting in gaps in end-user security, ability to support other platforms like AWS support, and retirement and archiving of legacy systems that Xinova’s outsourced IT management could not support. They wanted to be able to monitor their current system and proactively respond to ongoing business continuity through planning and testing.


Approach and Solution:

Logic20/20 used a multi-phase approach to understand Xinova’s needs and existing service gaps. After identifying service needs, we proposed a prioritized support model tailored to their technical environment to address them.


Review of current technical applications and infrastructure to understand the technology stack and any current plans.

Review of historic support activity for volume, severity and impact.

Tracking of activities and performance and evaluation of team member skillsets to begin creating KPIs and SLAs.

Definition of priorities for tickets and introduction of improved ticketing to set the foundation for SLAs and improve granularity of tracking to enhance understanding of key drivers.


Value and Benefits - “the wins”

Logic20/20 helped Xinova measure their current work on an ongoing basis, allowing them to focus effort on aspects of their technical environment that were driving support costs and impacting productivity.


Improved activity tracking and actionable, data-driven insights.

Implemented a ticketing solution, tuned to their business needs, that helped them identify trends in activity.

Identified where opportunities existed, and corrective actions to close gaps identified.


Enabled better understanding of the technical environment, including cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

Inventoried existing cloud assets.

Implemented tracking of hardware assets located at multiple physical locations in a single repository.

Supported documentation of current state and began future-state infrastructure migration planning with the objectives of simplification and cost reduction.

Identified security exposures and implemented short remediations and long-term positioning changes.


Overall streamlining of IT processes.

Centralized equipment procurement function.

Documented and automated new employee onboarding and offboarding.

Tracking of all technology work activity/effort.


About Xinova

Xinova is a collective of 12,000 innovators dedicated to turning big problems into bigger solutions. Xinova works with large companies like Pepsi and Honda to help them solve their largest research and product development challenges. By sharing risk and upside, Xinova attracts the best innovators from across the globe to invent and commercialize new technologies. This innovation risk sharing approach reduces the cost and speed to market for Xinova’s customers. The company is headquartered in Seattle with staff located in Beijing, Bangalore, Helsinki, Israel, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Vienna. www.xinova.com





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