Implemented end-to-end marketing operations process to improve Microsoft’s partner relationships
Marketing operations

Implemented end-to-end marketing operations process to improve Microsoft’s partner relationships


At a glance

Microsoft needed an end-to-end marketing operations process to ensure consistency and scalability in their partner relations. Logic20/20 designed and implemented a streamlined process that effectively marries our client’s business operations with their marketing technology stack.


Customer challenge

Our client was looking to create a consistent, streamlined experience for Microsoft partners and customers across multiple web portals, including the Microsoft Partner Network, the Device Partner Center, and Surface applications. The ideal solution would enable them to

  • • Efficiently manage the partner journey strategy and portal production implementation
  • • Track marketing ideas from inception through content strategy, content readiness, web production, and publishing
  • • Innovate and expand offerings to users, encompassing training, platform onboarding, CRM integration, and artificial intelligence

Approach and solution

Logic20/20 designed from scratch and implemented a marketing ops process that encompasses content strategy, content design, and coding of campaigns to match specific tools and technologies in the marketing stack. We also leveraged Sitecore and digital asset management solutions to improve discoverability for Microsoft Partners and reduce content production costs. Finally, we developed an innovative operational solution for customer acquisition via integrated marketing, content readiness, feature development, and process improvements.


At the beginning of the project, Logic20/20’s involvement was limited to project management and content governance. Today, our role has expanded to include content creation, tool configuration, and management of one of the world’s largest B2B portals, encompassing more than 118 country websites in 30 different languages.


Value and benefits - “the wins”

Our client now has a scalable, end-to-end marketing ops process that expands Microsoft’s reach to their partners and customers. The repeatable content production process allows all content submitters, regardless of technical skill level, to plug in to a seamless production experience. We elevated marketing capabilities with content targeted to specific locales and/or personas, and we improved the consistency of all content for internal and external customers.

Logic20/20 reduced the volume of content on Microsoft partner portal by more than 60 percent while improving quality, resulting in enhanced customer engagement. We helped our client reduce costs while simultaneously increasing their speed-to-market by 1,150 percent.


About Microsoft

Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. 




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