Improve insight into investment options to support the global community.

At a glance:

A global foundation wanted to better understand investment options for various health intervention and research projects that were seeking funding. In addition, they needed a streamlined data entry process for the multiple data streams that flow into the organization. We designed a custom data entry application and a visualization layer to better fit the needs of the organization, and to facilitate the executive team with rapid insight and dynamic modeling.

Customer Challenge

The client wanted to improve executive insight into the health intervention investment and research options available to fund. They wanted a solution that could analyze options quickly and help them understand the cost effectiveness of each option and total health impact of funded projects. The client needed a user-friendly process to collect data for the evaluation of products, as well as an automated health valuation model.

Approach and Solution:

Our approach included the development of several tools to streamline the process of selecting between investment options. We:

  • Utilized the MEAN stack with business rules to develop a custom data entry application with an easy to use UI.
  • Implemented a custom RapidMiner modeling system to connect related data models.
  • Designed a custom visualization layer using D3JS and the MEAN stack that allowed comparison of three independent variables per valuation, with instant re-run capacity.
  • Developed a process for exporting detailed data at different stages in the modeling process to facilitate users that wanted to create their own models and analysis.

Value and Benefits - “the wins”

With an improved data intake and modeling process, the global foundation is able to:

  • Quickly model intervention valuations for potential investments, including cost effectiveness and total health impact.
  • Simplified minor model changes to support changing business needs, reducing the turnaround time from multiple-week waits to instantaneous results.
  • Supports rapid decision making for executives considering investment decisions; decision-makers have access to a comprehensive dashboard that allows easy comparisons between potential projects.
  • Centralize and streamline the data modeling operation from 20+ tabs across multiple spreadsheets to one interface.
  • Increase productivity with a streamlined interface that decreases data entry time.

About the client

The client is a global foundation focused on healthcare initiatives, based out of Seattle.





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