Improve efficiency across teams with information from updated reporting

At a glance:

The Kibble & Prentice team was looking for ways to improve efficiency across team members by streamlining the report generation process support customer conversations with graphical insight. Logic20/20 updated the internal process and provided the company with easily deployed tool sets.

Customer Challenge

Kibble & Prentice, and their parent company USI, wanted to upgrade and improve the look and feel of their business analysis outputs to better support customer service. Additionally, they wanted to expand these updates and tools across the other USI owned entities all over the US after validating improvements in their largest office.

Approach and Solution:

Logic20/20 partnered with Kibble & Prentice to upgrade and optimize their annual report generations processes. We:

  • Prepared and conducted stakeholder interviews across various teams across the sales chain, providing insights and lessons learned to leverage when updating both the visuals and the process activities
  • Updated the internal processes to better streamline report generation. This included: creating single data input pages into template to avoid data entry errors, improved repository management to reduce duplication
  • Identified a third-party Excel plug-in that could easily be deployed behind their firewall to end-users that provided a greatly improved visualization toolset
  • Developed a business case for the analytics group to take to their IT department to support the yearly costs of the newly identified plug-in

Value and Benefits - “the wins”

Logic20/20 provided the Kibble & Prentice team with a solution that was:

  • Easily deployed across the organization for quick integration
  • Created powerful visualizations to improve customer service – these new visualizations were easy to deploy with the custom plug-in
  • Strategic recommendations provided for operation structure, process maps showing broader organizational interfaces, and updated ‘feedback loops’ for analysts to understand impact of visualizations and reports.

About Kibble & Prentice

Kibble & Prentice is a insurance company located in Seattle, WA. They bring decades of industry experience, a proprietary risk analysis process, and a personalized local team, all supported by more than 4,000 risk management experts and client service associates nationwide.





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