Hands-on execution for GDPR readiness

Hands-on execution for GDPR readiness

Hands-on execution for GDPR readiness


We helped this B2B equipment manufacturer maintain business-as-usual while we prepared them for GDPR


At a Glance:

When this B2B equipment manufacturer needed hands-on support to prepare for GDPR, they contacted us.


Customer Challenge

After a change in leadership, our client found the task of preparing for GDPR added to her already-full slate of responsibilities. The company’s first attempt to bring in outside help had been disappointing, involving a law firm that created “a plan for a plan” and offered no support on execution. None of our client's internal resources had the bandwidth or the specialized knowledge to take on the project themselves, and they needed to show progress to the board in less than four weeks.


Why They Chose Us

Our contact first encountered us through our online content, including our webinars and insights, and reached out to discuss the company’s situation and specific needs. Upon hearing how we helped numerous clients prepare for GDPR — not only through recommendations but also through hands-on execution and implementation — she knew we were the right choice for this project.


Value and Benefits - “The Wins”

After assessing the client’s present level of adherence to GDPR requirements, we developed and executed a comprehensive implementation plan, which included:

  • Developing a system architecture map and data flow diagrams to determine how and why personal data is collected, where it is stored, and how it flows between databases
  • Reviewing all policies and procedures that concern the use of personal data and updating them as needed — by the time the project concluded, our client had 14 new or updated policies
  • Developing new GDPR-specific procedures such as the response to a request for erasure, which includes a map of where the data is located and a detailed list of steps to take when such a request arrives
  • Completing a record of processing activities (ROPA) to capture all data processing activities as it relates to EU residents
  • Identifying and implementing data processing agreements for third-party vendors
  • Evaluating payroll processes in the EU countries in which the company has employees and updating them as needed
  • Recommending revisions to their public-facing website


Our client was delighted that we were able to develop and implement key solutions to address GDPR with minimal involvement from her team. At the project wrap-up meeting, she told us, “The best decision I ever made was to hire you!”





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