Bringing omni-channel customer journeys to life

Beginning omni-channel customer journeys to life

Bringing omni-channel customer journeys to life


Retail uses visual storytelling to build excitement around digital opportunities


At a Glance:

When a global apparel brand needed to bring their omni-channel customer journeys to life through visual storytelling, they contacted us.


Customer Challenge

Our client’s digital strategy team was planning to present their vision for an omni-channel customer journey to their board of directors, with the goal of building excitement around digital opportunities to engage customers across the globe.


The client’s strategy team had created three detailed customer personas — one in Asia, one in Europe, and one in the United States — to demonstrate the impact of digital engagement tactics on a broad range of consumers. For each customer, they had developed an intricate story leveraging three brand touchpoints: brick-and-mortar stores, ecommerce experiences, and mobile interactions.


Making a strong impression on the board was the first step in building company-wide excitement around digital engagement. To accomplish this, the digital strategy team needed vibrant animations that would take audiences along on the customer journey.


Why They Chose Us

Our client was looking for a digital agency that could adapt to their working style, particularly when it came to time-sensitive deliverables. When we presented our creative services to them, they were impressed with the deep experience of our team and the fact that some clients have engaged us for more than 100 projects over our 35-year history. When it became clear that they needed help for what they knew would be a very challenging project — and that they only had a couple of months before their critical board meeting — the client reached out to us, confident that we were the right choice to make their vision a reality.


Our Results

We turned our client’s scripts into a rich visual storytelling experience, following each persona as he or she interacts with the brand and makes purchases using a combination of in-store shopping, mobile, and ecommerce.


Our animations showed the board how individual consumers leverage the company’s various channels to

  • Learn about new products and special offers
  • Upload style inspirations to search for comparable products
  • Use an augmented reality “style bot” to virtually try on styles and sizes
  • Customize the in-store fitting room experience
  • Design and order customized products
  • Make purchases and have products shipped from warehouses or from individual stores
  • Easily share their brand experiences on social media

The vignettes received an overwhelmingly positive response from the board — so positive that the digital team decided to include them in all of their strategy presentations to be given around the world that year.


Our client is on the leading edge in the retail industry in using technology to inspire and engage customers. Using the animations and the story that we created, they can build on the success of their board presentation and foster excitement for digital engagement across the global organization.





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