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Knife-edge migration from on-premise to AWS cloud

At a glance:

A North American based technology provider needed a best practices, knife-edge migration from on-premise solution to the AWS cloud.


Customer Challenge

The client provides a contactless stored-value smart card system for public transit in a major metropolitan region in the United States. The card is valid on most transit systems in the metropolitan area, including light rail, cable car, local bus agencies, ferries, and water taxis. It can be loaded with "e-purse" value, similar to a debit card, and monthly passes.


The client had an aggressive data center exit end date by which they needed to migrate the application off of an on-premise solution and into the AWS Cloud. The migration had to be coordinated across teams in North America and Australia. The migration needed to be performed quickly, securely and reliably.


Approach and Solution:

Logic20/20 was engaged to provide engineering and architecture support for the AWS migration.

AWS led the overall migration and the Logic20/20 led the x86 migration engineering activities, including subject matter expertise (SME) on VMWare, AD, DNS, Infoblox, SiteMinder, CloudEndure, migration discovery, and migration tooling to aid automation and x86 server migrations.


Logic20/20 participated in application and network architecture design sessions and provided guidance after understanding the AWS services relevant to our client’s customer.


This migration effort was in alignment with the AWS Proserve Australia team.


Value and Benefits - “the wins”

Logic20/20 delivered a Best Practice Cloud Migration, leveraging tools like CloudEndure and Migration Hub.

  • Sources copied in the background – preparation for migration required no downtime or disruption for the team.
  • 50 instances were migrated in 1 hour with minimal impact to the team, in an overnight push.
  • The system is set up with tagging and backups; the client is well positioned for future maintenance.
  • The AWS solution allows the client:
    • Greater ease of use
    • No capacity limits
    • Zero capex
    • No commitments
    • Pay-per-use
    • Greater speed and agility
    • Robust API management (i.e. whether launching a new instance or taking backups, everything is possible through API via AWS Management Console)


About the client

Our client is a North American technology provider that that designs, supplies, and operates automated fare collection (AFC) systems; intelligent transportation systems (ITS); and access, payment, and passenger information display systems (PIDS) for the public transit industry.


They came to us through AWS Proserve to help facilitate one of their clients’ migration from their current Rackspace data center to the AWS Cloud.





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