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Product Management

Delighting customers, delivering ROI

At Logic20/20, product management isn’t just something we offer—it’s what we do. Because we approach every initiative as a product, with the end goal of delighting the customer and maximizing ROI, the resulting whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Businesses across industries have discovered the benefits of partnering with Logic20/20 to elevate their project deliverables into products, including

 Domain expertise. We bring deep experience with proven product management methodologies and insights into best practices.

 Fresh perspectives. We can uncover risks and opportunities that previously may not have been evident.

 Cost and time savings. We save you the cost, time, and effort required to spin up in-house product management organizations.

 Proven success. We've helped our clients build and deliver the right products to achieve their business goals, always ensuring that the audience's needs are being met and the business is realizing positive ROI—iteration after iteration.




How we can help
At Logic20/20, we approach every client engagement with the goal of meeting audience needs—and exceeding expectations—while making optimal use of resources to maximize ROI. Our diverse teams bring the skills and expertise needed to ensure success from every perspective, including
Business foundations (GTM strategy, voice of the customer, etc.)


Technical delivery
Analytics to support continuous improvement
Readiness and change management to drive successful adoption
Getting started with Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
Our SAFe experts share practical tips for Agile organizations making the leap to a Scaled Agile Framework.



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Proven results

Logic20/20 is a proven product management partner with extensive experience in driving bottom-line results for our clients. To cite just a few examples, ...

Created one-stop platform for data-driven decisions
Integrated multiple dashboard and reporting technologies to save time and effort on data requests, allowing greater focus on developing creative organizational strategies.

Enabled personalized experiences for 8 million+ customers
Drove development and launch of a back-end application to deliver personalized content based on customer profiles, creating compelling experiences for over 8 million monthly users.

Constructed an impactful digital content organization
Transformed marketing operations to enable 78% faster publishing times, a 6% reduction in campaign costs, and a 20% increase in content engagement.

Implemented predictive maintenance to improve utility safety​
Developed a machine learning platform to reliably audit hundreds of computer vision models to automate identification of defects in power line components.​


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