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Product Management

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Digital products are a key component of innovative organizations, delivering compelling customer experiences and creating tangible business improvements.


Today’s businesses need a leaner, more flexible approach to product management, with customer experience playing an integral part of the product’s value proposition at every phase.


At Logic20/20, we take the time to understand your business goals and incorporate leading edge technology, like AI and machine learning, into your products.

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How (and why) to uplevel products with AI and machine learning


Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help businesses enhance products and optimize processes without driving up operational costs.

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Our product management process

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We start with a detailed roadmap of your product’s customer experience and its evolution to ensure adaptable architecture from the ground up.

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We design digital products that focus on the services that customers really want, using quick discovery, ideation, and prototyping phases.

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We utilize agile framework to improve the product iteratively over time, elevating customer experience and business value.


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Smart connected products allow organizations to continuously monitor product information and adjust functionality at any phase of the development lifecycle.


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