T-Mobile | Partnering with Logic20/20

Logic20/20 has a proven track record of realizing tangible outcomes for key initiatives across T-Mobile. Having partnered with T-Mobile over the past 5 years, our product experts and niche business and technology capabilities help business leaders drive scalable solutions to market quickly.



Our teams work hard to: 

  • • Ensure fast product development to promote quick adoption by internal and external stakeholders
  • • Provide niche skills and experience to advance the capabilities of teams and products
  • • Stay flexible to meet dynamic business needs

Partner Timeline


Focus Areas

Data Science and AI

We deployed data science and AI solutions to support T-Mobile customers and customer care agents. Customer Insights is an AI-powered agent support tool that uses NLP, asynchronous messaging, and more. Self-service shifts the load from agents to bots, saving T-Mobile money.

Security and Compliance

We have deep experience in data privacy. The Expert Assist tool ensures agents handle personal information securely. A new authentication process further enabled T-Mobile customers to pay their bills with confidence via SMS/chat.


We helped T-Mobile elevate their customer care by delivering AI- and machine learning–driven innovations that improved customer and care agent experiences. Progressive iterations facilitated creation of the care ecosystem with systemwide integration. Our agile, DevOps-driven approach to development means we’re deploying new features on a daily or weekly basis.

Customer Journey and Insights

DevOps standards drove implementation of T-Mobile's next generation API layer for resell partners, enabling in-store activation and upgrading. These standardized APIs and a secure, stateless, performant architecture layer, resulted in the ability to quickly onboard new partners, increase sales, enhance capabilities, and transform the customer experience.


Logic20/20 streamlines the partner store sales process with a secure API layer that not only enables activation and upgrades, but encourages upselling using intelligent agent assist tools, suggesting additional products or services depending on the nature of the customer’s issue or inquiry.

Accelerated Product Development

We define governance standards from robust knowledge of Cloud, DevOps, and agile processes, allowing high-performing and scalable products to quickly emerge. We’re able to deploy enterprise-wide initiatives by establishing code sharing and architecture frameworks, strengthening the DevOps mindset, building advanced analytics, reducing cycle time, and evolving/consolidating services. We leverage microservices to provide faster time to market, improve resilience, boost scalability, and independently develop, test, deploy, and maintain.

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Solution Impacts


Contributed to a 60% increase in Net Promoter Score through customer care enhancements

Supported and helped to form T-Mobile’s first dedicated AI team

Executed first production deployment on cloud platform (SMPD)

Created new customer service channels, including the first implementation of Apple Business Chat at the enterprise level

Implemented self-serve messaging channels, which played a crucial role in maintaining service quality during Covid-19

Increased employee satisfaction on the customer care team by empowering experts with AI-driven solutions

Contributed to the customer care organization recognized by J.D. Power as #1 for Business Wireless Customer Satisfaction from 2017-2020

Supported the seamless integration of the customer experience across digital channels

Partnering Models

Business people in a line

Full scrum teams responsible for projects such as:


• T-Mobile Partner API Integration Services (TPAS) – Currently 3 teams deployed which consist of Technical Product Manager, Scrum Master, Lead Developer, 4 Senior Developers, SDET

• Bill of Materials Aggregation Tool (BAT)

• Procurement data visualization and modeling

In person and online meeting

Integrated teams collaborate with T-Mobile employees:


• Connected Customer

• Cloud CoE Conducktor

• AI at T-Mobile

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Subject matter experts advising on:


• Proof of concept design and development to test innovations

• Business and technology transformations and adoption

• Cloud, Data, and AI architectures

• Business planning and creation of strategic roadmaps


Connected Hubs


We’re committed to providing a connected experience for all our clients and teams, no matter their location. We balance remote, hybrid, and on-site work across the nation in our Connected Hubs. These Hubs provide virtual and face-to-face connections through an evolving mix of collaboration space, technology, and culture.


As our business grows and the needs of our customers shift, we're adding new hub locations to the map.

Connected Hubs map


We deploy consultants onsite, co-located in T-Mobile offices for in-person collaboration and communication.

Local presence

In Q1 2019, we established a Logic20/20 office in Bellevue, adjacent to T-Mobile’s headquarters, to better serve the existing and projected needs of our growing business relationship.

Hybrid teams

Remote and in-person teams allow us to partner with talent in other geographies. Distributed teams expand the working window due to time zone variance and enhance employee satisfaction without sacrificing on delivery speed or quality.

Fully remote

With Covid-19, all team members quickly transitioned to a fully remote model. Leveraging an existing framework of tools, technology and a culture of clear and efficient communication, we were able to deliver at the same pre-shut down velocities.

Lessons Learned from Our T-Mobile Partnership

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Lesson 1: It’s our privilege to connect the dots. As a vendor at T-Mobile, we have the opportunity to work for multiple stakeholders across numerous departments. The processes and solutions we create can be re-used on new projects, saving both time and money. We frequently conduct presentations to simplify knowledge sharing across the organization, connecting the dots to educate and expedite.

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Lesson 2: Opportunities for innovation should be seized as early as possible. It’s vital that we recognize and evangelize any chances to improve processes, and that we do so as a team with shared understanding. Innovation is possible at any phase of a project, but it’s easiest at the start, when roadmaps are created. Whether it’s updating, renovating, or completely rebuilding, our ability to improve is a fundamental contributor to past project successes.

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Lesson 3: Being vendor agnostic benefits us and our customers. We put our client interest first. We are technology agnostic, our teams are leveraging the solutions and technology that are the best fit for our clients. We align with our client's technology stacks and make recommendations when we feel significant gain (money, quality, velocity) can be reached.



“We love working with Logic20/20. No matter the type of product or business objectives, they partner with us to create the best possible outcomes. We tackle projects as a focused, unified team, and we can always rely on their creativity and commitment to help us get the job done. Their skill and support continually exceed our expectations."



Senior Manager, AI

Technology Company

Risks & mitigation strategies

Risk: Voluntary turnover is one of the KPIs that is constantly monitored by our account team. If not monitored consistently, turnover could unexpectedly lead to overtime and delivery issues.


Mitigations: Check in regularly with team members to understand their status and wellbeing. Invest in people programs, including training and education, active mentoring, skillset communities, financial incentives and promotions, wellbeing, and the Logic20/20 community to aid in retention.

Risk: Without a careful strategy to train and onboard new Logicians, project delivery could be impacted.


Mitigations: Build and maintain team training programs and documentation, with clear timelines for onboarding.

Risk: As we continually strive to fulfill client needs and add more use cases, we must make sure it will not impact the stability of the applications.


Mitigations: Maintain a backlog of work ready for technical debt reduction and integrate reduction into daily delivery. Build a business case for a stabilization phase to reduce technical debt. Lead prioritization meetings with stakeholders to establish shared understanding.  


Partner Summary



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Commercial Construct



Time and Materials and Fixed Fee contracts are the most useful commercials construct in partnership with T-Mobile.

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Performance Management



For each engagement, we work with our partners at T-mobile to understand their objectives, propose a multipronged approach to best achieve those objectives, and establish measurements to track progress along the way. 


We use individual performance assessments for each consultant, helping them identify improvement areas, creating training plans, and guiding them to learn new approaches and technologies.

Dashboard Design


Contracts Following This Model



90 percent of Logic20/20 revenue follows models performed at T-Mobile.