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Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimize customer conversions.

We analyze and assess your customer data and channels to uncover dynamic conversion accelerators.

PROBLEM: Today, volumes of marketing data remain in organizational and technological silos. As a result, CMOs and companies are data rich, insight poor.


SOLUTION: Logic will conduct analysis of target audience segments with respective customer journeys and provide strategic marketing recommendations that optimize conversions. In simple terms, we use your data to improve customer conversions. 


Your marketing teams need to move fast – they manage multiple channels and projects in an increasingly complicated ecosystem and often engage with teams across the organizations. Logic20/20 can support by accelerating projects and refining tools and process to help you deliver and engage customers where it matters. By assessing customer journeys and analyzing owned and paid channels, we create a list of strategic recommendations and tools to help you manage your own success.


Teams across Logic20/20 specialize in different aspects of marketing operations, including KPI identification, visual analytics, architecture for clean data capture, and the methodology to discover operational efficiencies, and the tools and tactics to deliver high-value performance improvement. With strategic roadmap in hand, we will collaborate with you to integrate changes and deliver a dynamic Conversion Accelerator KPI dashboard, with clear next steps for your marketers.


Conversion Optimization Assessment


Customer journey maps​

Audience segmentation


Social engagement​

Email performance​

Website analytics ​

CRM data

Conversion optimization assessment

Search engine marketing (SEM)​


Paid social



Develop dynamic dashboard highlighting critical KPIs​

Improve customer conversions, retention, and acquisition

Data-driven decisions

Data driven marketing

By fully understanding engagement, customer data, and attribution, your marketing team can make decisions to invest in content that will have the greatest impact on conversion. The process requires gathering data from across your ecosystem and analyzing with your top KPIs in mind. Te end result? A dashboard that can help you optimize your spend and resources in the most effective way, with an eye towards conversion.

Optimize on:

Media buy allocation

 Return on ad spend (ROAS)

Ad targeting

Personalized messaging

Product recommendations

Dynamic websites



Conversions refer to actions that you'd like your audience to take, including:

  • Click through
  • Return visits
  • Form fills
  • Make a purchase
  • Request a download
  • Make a donation
  • Register
  • Make a referral

Conversion optimization: Why you need it.


Marketers are data rich and insight poor; with information pouring in across channels about engagement and content. Conversion optimization starts with assessing customer journeys and progresses through data analysis and visual analytics, giving your teams the information they need to optimize your marketing environments and improve ROI on marketing spends. 



Practice Area Lead

Steve Sack

Steve Sack
Marketing expert and university instructor with more than 15 years of agency and in-house experience.


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