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What it’s like to work at Logic20/20

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#5 Large Business category. 

Learning Culture

Logic20/20 helps support the continued personal and career growth of its teams by providing ample opportunities for learning and training. We offer paid training courses and maintain a library of free training courses as well, including Scrum and PMP content. You can constantly learn new skills that help accelerate your individual career growth and help the company deliver top notch service to its customers.


Room to Explore

Consulting can be very fast-paced, and there is always a lot to learn for both internal work and project engagements; Logic20/20 leadership makes it a priority to support you in exploring projects that you find interesting. Each consultant is paired with a career manager who works to find the next best role for you to explore your skills and abilities.



From internal initiatives to volunteer activities to social events, Logic20/20 employees can jump in and collaborate on large and small projects. With our open office environment, it’s easy to pop over to a coworker’s desk to ask a question or grab a room and whiteboard out a solution. Collaborating helps us all learn faster and produce better results for our clients.


Power of Potential

Consultants drive their careers at Logic20/20, with opportunities to get involved in new projects as they grow and shape the future. Logic20/20 leadership keeps employees informed of new and upcoming opportunities, and with each new project, employees can learn new skills to support internal and external work



Community Volunteers

Community involvement is at the core of Logic20/20 as an organization. Our volunteer committee organizes events ranging from cleaning up hiking trails to serving dinner at local women’s organizations to participating in “Seattle Works Day”. Full time employees can log 16 volunteer hours as billable work to Logic20/20, making it even easier to volunteer and support the community.


Social Activities

With consultants from around the world spanning a breadth of experiences and backgrounds, we have a lot of diverse interests at Logic20/20! We keep employees informed about upcoming meetups, have sports teams like basketball and softball, ”foodies” who get together to try new restaurants or go winetasting, small groups who organize game nights, and much more. For our company, it’s important to get to know and enjoy the people we work with. Logic20/20 provides not only a great work environment, but also encourages employees to be social and enjoy time outside of work.



We work hard around here, and we love to celebrate success. Logic20/20 hosts monthly happy hours to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and new hires, and quarterly events ranging from attending Mariners baseball games to learning how to indoor skydive. Celebration is one of the ways that we encourage our teams to leverage unstructured time and get to know people across the organization.


Consultant Advisory Board

Who better to advocate for consultants than consultants? Logic20/20’s Consultant Advisory Board is made up of individuals from the consulting ranks (no senior leadership); the group meets monthly to discuss how we can improve and support the consultant experience at Logic20/20. CAB has discussed things ranging from healthier food choices in the kitchen to revamping how the off-cycle review process works, and every month the team discusses the new initiative that the consultants can volunteer to work on.


Open Communication

Leadership at Logic20/20 holds open communication in high regard. They host quarterly and monthly meetings for the various practices to discuss company progress, new decisions and strategic vision, and they take time to answer employees’ questions as well. Communicating openly and honestly is at the heart of being one of the best places to work. Leadership is always open to listening to new ideas.




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