Partnering with ZenOptics in the Analytics Hub Space

Partnering with ZenOptics in the Analytics Hub Space


Seattle, WA, April 2020 - Logic20/20, a leading business and technology consulting firm, announced that they have partnered with ZenOptics, an analytics catalog application provider, to implement analytics solutions for their clients. Logic20/20 launched their Analytics Hub offering in 2019, which allows businesses to become insight-driven in their decision making and get the best return on investment out of their technology spend.


Consultants from Logic20/20 will support the entire process, from application or tools validation to implementation, tagging, and training. Teams of change management experts will promote and manage the change, ensuring the platform is properly leveraged and adopted.


ZenOptics, a leader in analytics catalog technology, provides an innovative platform that empowers users to access and organize information from disparate systems and technologies into intuitive views with workflows and guided navigation.


“It is critical for organizations to establish a centralized spot for employees to find and share information and insights,” said Prashant Ganjikunta, Advanced Analytics Practice Head at Logic20/20. “We are excited to be partnering with ZenOptics, a leader in the space, to provide businesses with a scalable and cohesive user experience for engaging with all their analytic assets.”


Through their partnership, clients will be provided with an automated path to optimize analytics infrastructure investments and the ability to govern all their reporting assets. Once implemented, the solution will have a deep impact on the users and stakeholder's ability to access and use their reports and dashboards regardless of where they are located.


“This partnership will enable our mutual clients to have leading technology coupled with seasoned consultants providing the best solution to their unified reporting needs” said Saurbh Khera, CEO of ZenOptics. “This solution has been a game-changer for companies with multiple BI platforms.”


In addition to development, change management and launch, Logic20/20 also offers Managed Services for the Analytics Hub. This offering allows for 24/7 monitoring, allowing you operate with confidence. Logic20/20 will own management of your daily operation and will optimize your portal with recommendations for key improvements based on adoption and user needs.


For more information on Analytics Hubs and how they can benefit your business, visit our Analytics Hub page here. For more information on ZenOptics visit



Courtney Lynch

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