Partnership with Theia in the analytics hub space

Partnership with Theia in the analytics hub space

Theia Partnership


Seattle, WA – August, 2019 – Logic20/20, a leading business and technology consulting firm, announced a new partnership with Theia, an Insight Hub company. Logic20/20 works with top technology partners and will be partnering with Theia to implement the right solutions for their clients.


An analytics hub, or BI portal, is a content management environment that allows users to log into a single URL and access business intelligence and analytics assets from across their organization. Through an analytics hub, you can view all the dashboards in your organization, irrespective of technology, location, and department. Hubs create a scalable and cohesive user experience, and support organizations to make better data-related decisions.


Logic20/20 consultants support the entire process, from tool validation to implementation, tagging, change management, and training. Theia is an insight hub that unifies sources like analytics and data visualizations and training documents into one experience. By partnering with Theia, clients will be provided with a single, seamless, integrated analytics experience that is optimized for their specific business needs.


“In order to align with knowledge management best practices and get the biggest return on investment, an analytics hub is essential,” said Nick Kelly, director of visual analytics at Logic20/20. “By partnering with Theia, our clients will have an integrated analytics experience, as well as a course of action to make effective, data-driven decisions. I look forward to the work we will be doing with them on analytics hubs and BI portals.”


In addition to development and launch, Logic20/20 also offers managed services for the analytics hubs. This offering comes in three parts: monitoring, operating, and optimization. Logic20/20 monitors your hub 24/7, allowing you operate with confidence. They can also own management of your daily analytics hub operation with system expertise and optimize with recommendations for key improvements based on adoption and user needs.


For more information on analytics hubs and how they can benefit your business, learn more here:


About Theia


Theia uses data stories to empower organizations to gain business insight by combining all of their information assets through a single, tailored user experience. Equipping employees with these insights helps build a strong data culture and encourages users to make data-driven decisions. Benefits of Theia’s Insight Hub include:


• Accelerated Integration: Capabilities enable customers to embed multiple analytics tool alongside other information assets.

• Monetization & Brand Enablement: Deploy visually stunning and compelling applications that align to corporate branding for internal and external users.

• Federated Discovery: Enterprises have many reports, dashboards, presentations and media in multiple information systems. With Theia it is simple to organize and find content.



Implementing an analytics hub

After using the criteria above to make your selection, you can implement your analytics hub in as few as six weeks.



Learn about our BI implementation process.





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