DigitalNOW PODCAST: The power of jui jitsu & a data-driven culture

DigitalNOW PODCAST: The power of jui jitsu & a data-driven culture

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Podcast: Nick Kelly


In our first episode of DigitalNOW, an original podcast by Logic20/20, Matt meets with special guest, Nick Kelly, who is the Director of Visual Analytics at Logic20/20. He will spend time look at the differences between data, data literacy, data-driven culture, and more and why we should care about each. In addition, he will take a look at how to get started within your organization, where to focus, and how to get leadership buy in. Finally. he will take a look at the top trends for 2021. Don't get left behind!


Nick has previously worked in the UI and UX field, but moved to analytics 10 years ago. .He's worked across the globe from Singapore and the Philippines, to Ireland and the US. Fun fact: He's even had the opportunity to create analytics dashboards for Formula 1 drivers!



DigitalNOW is an original business and technology podcast by Logic20/20 that is released on a monthly basis. In each episode, host Matt Trouville interviews a new expert to learn about industry trends, fascinating new tech, shifting customer expectations, and the steps every business can take to stay ahead. Check back here for future episodes, OR you can find us on all major podcast sites, including Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and more.






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Nick Kelly

Nicholas Kelly, Director of Visual Analytics at Logic20/20, has built a career on gaining business insight from data. He is a hands-on leader in analytics with over 16 years of international experience in analytics and software development, deployment, adoption, and user experience. With experience that ranges from solo coding and development to managing teams up to 25 data scientists, he knows the full analytics process and how to scale it.


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Ethan Silvers

Matt Trouville is our DigitalNOW podcast host, helping bring the latest technology and strategy to our listeners, and translating messaging from subject matter experts.


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