Microsoft Teams improves notifications and more

Microsoft Teams improves notifications and more

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How often do you use chat to get your work done? How about scheduling and attending meetings in Teams? With their recent updates, Microsoft Teams has made updates to improve your notifications, keeping you better aware of chats, meetings, and more


Mobile is catching up to desktop functionality. With the latest release of mobile software, Teams has added better mobile control of notifications, replying on mobile to specific messages, mobile message forwarding, and more.

Better browser support. If you use Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox, you may have run into issues joining Teams meetings in the past. Now, with the new capability just released, you can join a meeting easily and securely from any of these browsers.

Improved notifications. This update improves notification control on meeting calls and in channels. You now have better access to your meeting calls, including adding a second ringing device. In addition, whenever you get a call, you can answer on any device. If you do miss it, you’ll get notified that you missed it in your main activity feed. As for channels, you can now turn on and off notifications of specific posts within a channel.


For more information, check out the official Microsoft Teams blog.