Three new features in Microsoft Teams for July 2019

Three new features in Microsoft Teams for July 2019

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Whiteboard markers on table

Microsoft Teams is one of the leading team collaboration platforms. In announcing their July 2019 release, Microsoft blogger Marissa Salazar identified some key new features. We chose our top three, highlighted below.


1. Microsoft Whiteboard comes to front-of-room displays


Complicated processes and ideas are often more digestible when presented in a diagram or drawing. Microsoft Whiteboard allows participants collaborate on digital drawings, and with the new Teams update, this collaboration can happen on front-of-room displays via touch devices and Teams Rooms. Instead of having to draw on a singular laptop, participants can interact with visuals directly on the larger display, making it easier for participants to share ideas. At this time, whiteboard sessions can only be received, not started, in Teams Rooms. For more information, read the Teams Room update blog.




Teams Whiteboard via Marissa Salazar
A front-of-room display using Microsoft Whiteboard (Source: Marissa Salazar, Microsoft)


2. Channel moderation


Controlling discussions on your channel is now much easier thanks to moderation improvements. With new settings applied, topic creation is limited to team owners and channel moderators, so you can bid farewell to off-topic rants and duplicate threads. Read more on the official Microsoft documentation.


3. Priority notifications


With numerous teams and projects exchanging messages every day, it can sometimes be difficult to get an urgent message read by your intended recipient. The July 2019 Teams release has a new priority notification feature that allows users to send urgent messages to phone or desktop versions of Teams. Alerts for these messages ring every two minutes for a total of twenty minutes. Whether your note is about an urgent financial decision or a temporary opportunity, this new feature is sure to help. While it is available to everyone until December 31st, 2019, it will be limited to certain user types after that date. Check out the official Microsoft reference files to read more about licensing.


Other updates include live event captioning and usage reports, easier team member mentions, and more. If you use Teams for work with the US government, there are a few new features just for you. Check out the official Microsoft blog for more information.