Tableau 2019.4 improves usability across the board

Tableau 2019.4 improves usability across the board

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On November 6th, Tableau released their latest update for desktop and server software, version 2019.4. Updates include:


1. View recommendations help you find what you want, faster. The new view recommendations for visualizations allow you to more easily and quickly find new material.

2. Table control is better than ever. Tables are our bread and butter, and Tableau knows that! They’ve made it easier for users to work with data in tables: you can now use more columns, scroll across more easily, and sort by pane.

3. Webhooks are supported. For those who use Webhooks, automating Tableau processes has been out of reach until now.

4. Connecting data is easier with expanded connectors. If you use Sales Navigator on LinkedIn, this one is for you. Also available are Alibaba, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box connectors.


To read more information on these updates (plus one additional mobile update) head over to the Tableau announcement on their official blog.


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