Data prep is easier with Tableau Prep October update

Data prep is easier with Tableau Prep October update

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Preparing data for analysis is a time consuming but vital step for using data effectively. Yesterday, Tableau made the process a bit easier with their October release of Tableau Prep Builder. There are a handful of great features included, but our top three from this new update allow you to:



• Reuse successful steps. Duplicating work is no fun for anyone. Why take the long way around when you can take a shortcut? You can now reuse successful steps in your data prep, saving time and effort.

• See the big picture. Viewing your entire flow is simpler and faster now with the miniature view available in this release. You can zoom in and out of a bird’s-eye view of your flow, quickly understanding where to focus next.


View flow in Tableau Prep Builder
Source: Tableau Prep Blog

• More easily manage data quality. You can now create custom data roles to more powerfully categorize incoming data.


For more new features and to read about more additional upcoming changes, check out the official Tableau blog.


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