Edit visualizations in Tableau online

Edit visualizations in Tableau online

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Original version published June 2019.


Editing Tableau visualizations on your desktop, in an online browser, or on mobile can enable you to create viz's on the go, anywhere, anytime. Now, in addition to editing visualizations online in a browser, you can now find visualizations (and share them!) using hashtags.


No matter how clean your data analysis and visualization process, there are usually some last-minute adjustments required when you publish something to make sure it represents your content the best way possible. To that end, Tableau has now released a beta version of Tableau Public that allows you make small adjustments directly in your web browser.


While the online version of editing your visualization can’t quite match that of editing directly on Tableau Desktop, this option does allow for a handful of changes similar to what you would find in the desktop version. The online editor also fits smoothly into a workflow that utilizes this browser view to ensure final quality for the end-user.






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