Microsoft PowerBI adds performance analyzer

Microsoft PowerBI adds performance analyzer

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Hourglass The May 2019 release of Microsoft PowerBI includes an exciting new feature: the performance analyzer pane! This allows you to see behind-the-scenes data about what happens when a report is created, specifically load duration of various report elements on a per-query basis.


The analyzer allows you to record actions (at least any that run a query) and examine their duration. The pane displays how long each action takes, allowing you to pinpoint any that are particularly slow. If you’d like to drill down farther, you can expand each entry to see the length of time required for the DAX query, visual display, and a few other tasks.


Currently, the new analyzer pane is only available in the desktop version of PowerBI and does not include data for R, Python, or Key Influencer visual creation.


The May release of PowerBI also includes some other exciting updates to analytics, modeling, visualizations, data connectivity, and more. To read about all the changes, check out the PowerBI May 2019 feature summary.




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