Eight new machine learning updates in Microsoft PowerBI

Eight new machine learning updates in Microsoft PowerBI

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Microsoft PowerBI’s April 2019 updates include a variety of cool things like custom visual favorites, report commenting, and drilling through to another report, but the machine learning updates are particularly special. By the end of April, we can expect a handful of generally available releases and one preview:


Azure ML Integration automatically provides users a direct view of an integrated function and the function’s parameters.

Cognitive Services Integration enables users to more easily understand unstructured data using intelligent algorithms.

Insights – Key influencers gives users a focused view of what influences the likelihood of a business event occurring.

Python support in the service better integrates Python-generated visuals into dashboards.

Three Q&A updates that make PowerBI a more seamless, familiar experience: AutoSuggestions automatically provides question suggestions to all users, broadening knowledge of available functionality. Did you mean provides real-time spelling and grammatical suggestions as users type. Follow-up questions employs NLP to allow users the freedom to ask freeform questions with more detail or for further insight.

Automated ML: Binary and multiclass classification models use Azure to allow users to build machine learning tools directly in Microsoft PowerBI.



If you’d like more information about Microsoft business applications, attend the Microsoft Business Applications Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, from June 10th to 11th, 2019. For more information on April 2019 updates, click here.