Dataset capabilies are changing in Microsoft PowerBI

Dataset capabilies are changing in Microsoft PowerBI

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Sharing comprehensive, clean, clear data across organizations is becoming more and more important every day. For those that use Microsoft PowerBI, this is about to get easier! In the next few days, Microsoft is releasing public previews of new dataset capabilities: sharing and certification.


According to Microsoft’s release article, these updates will span four areas:


A new dataset catalog. This new catalog allows users to work with datasets more quickly due to recommendations and third-party integrations for shared data.


Dataset certification for IT administrators. Datasets can now be marked by IT professionals to highlight information that’s authoritative.


Usage details. Shared datasets will now be accompanied by usage information, enabling users to more quickly access metrics and understand ways the data gets used.


Tracking information. With lineage visibility, data can now be tracked throughout the development process, allowing users to understand where their data comes from, how it was used, and how it gets used after it leaves their hands.


For more information, , check out the release article linked above or Microsoft’s BI documentation.





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