Five exciting visuals in the Power BI July 2019 update

Five exciting visuals in the Power BI July 2019 update

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With the rapid rise of data and its influence on worldwide business, analytics tools like Microsoft Power BI are more important by the day. With each new release, Microsoft includes updates tools to help you get better insights from data, see connections in new ways, and more quickly understand what’s important.


In the July 2019 update of Power BI, there are five visuals we’d like to focus on. Four are third-party marketplace additions, while one is native. They’re each valuable for unique reasons:


1. Counts for key influencers enables you to parse data to see what percentage corresponds to each influencer. This is concisely represented by grey bubbles with darker rings along their perimeters, giving an at-a-glance indication of each influencer’s actual user impact. The sort function also enables you to swap between views: impact first or user count first. This feature is currently in preview.


2. PowerApps has been certified! While this isn’t entirely new, it’s now available when and where you need it, specifically in a wider range of export and reporting options.


3. Infocard lets you customize the look and feel of cards, including support for images. Custom borders and font adjustments can help key information stand out.


4. Sunburst displays hierarchical data in a consolidated, easy-to-read format. It can help you analyze the distribution of data from related categories, using both color and arc to group similar content.


5. Flying brick is an easy tool for creating waterfall charts.


The update also includes a wide range of other features like new data connectivity support, data transformation, and report details.


Check out the official feature summary for more detailed information.





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