Helpful Microsoft Teams updates improve user experience

Helpful Microsoft Teams updates improve user experience

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Microsoft recently released a handful of Teams updates to help you stay organized and work smarter. They also included some fun changes that are sure to make your experience even better.



Team creation, simplified. The process of creating a team has been simplified to include fewer questions and more options.


Add others to private teams. Teamwork is easier with the ability to request additions to private teams. You can now ask on someone else’s behalf that they be added to a team, which is especially useful when projects grow and teams expand.


Working smart

Audio messaging. Sometimes typing isn’t the right strategy, and Teams has the option to record and send an audio message directly from your chat window. Clip length can be up to 15 minutes.


Communicate with the whole team. You can now communicate in teams of up to 5000 people.



New mobile app icon. The Teams app icon has been updated to align with other recently updated Microsoft Office icons.


Praise feature. People appreciate being appreciated! The new Praise feature allows users to say a little extra thanks to fellow workers who do a great job. There are nine badges available, each with their own icon, that can be sent using the standard chat window.


Dark mode theme. The Teams desktop application and mobile app now have a dark theme available, which reduces eye strain and gives you more control over its appearance.


Check out more information about these updates at the Microsoft support blog here.