Two useful features in Lucidchart for cloud architects

Two useful features in Lucidchart for cloud architects

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As an Architect, I use Lucidchart very often. It is a very convenient tool, great for sharing and collaboration. It has a suite of icons for AWS, Azure, and GCP, which make constructing charts quick and easy.


There are two features that I like the most:


AWS import will allow you to connect to your AWS infrastructure and generate a diagram based on what you have got. It will import useful information about the infrastructure, such as the name of the security group associated with EC2 instances. Unfortunately, it does not support automatic refresh, but this is still helpful for a one-time import.


Lucidchart graphic
Importing AWS infrastructure in Lucidchart


The other useful feature is an ability to import information about tables in a data warehouse to generate ERD. Then you can link the entities the way you like. You just copy and paste the SQL script, execute it and pass the output to the Lucidchart.


Import table information in Lucidchart
Importing table information in Lucidchart


Overall, Lucidchart is a great tool to use for creating visuals!



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