Six updates in Microsoft Azure for May 2019

Six updates in Microsoft Azure for May 2019

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Photo of whale - DockerConSometimes it can be difficult to stay on top of all new available features across the variety of products we use at work day in and day out. Whether it’s a new integration, improved security, or a usability change, your favorite services are always getting better. To start May 2019, we’ve assembled some new features in Microsoft Azure. Features now available various Azure products include:


Azure Pipelines app for Microsoft Teams. Azure Pipeline is now available as an integration into Microsoft Teams, allowing you to monitor Pipelines, approve releases, manage subscriptions, and more right in your Teams environment. Check out the documentation for more information.


AzCopy v10. AzCopy enables copying of data between Azure Blob and stored files. The new version has been completely redesigned and is more efficient than ever. To upgrade to v10 or read more about new features, check out the release notes.


Azure Front Door Service. To ensure secure entry for your apps, Azure Front Door Service includes a variety of features like application acceleration, global HTTP load balancing, customization, and more.


Server-level collations in Managed Instance. Migrating on-premises SQL server instances is now easier to do without database and application changes using server-level collation. Check out more information here.


In addition to these four features now available in Microsoft Azure products, both Azure Traffic Manager and Azure Automation Service Management had some important changes this past week. Azure Traffic Manager now requires manual changes on profile endpoints in Azure Cloud Services. The REST API’s in Azure Automation Service Management are now retired.


You can always stay up-to-date on Microsoft Azure changes by following Microsoft’s updates blog.


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