Explore machine learning with Azure's new automated interface

Explore machine learning with Azure's new automated interface

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Person typing on computer Using artificial intelligence to inform business decisions is an increasingly necessary strategy for companies of all sizes. This can be daunting, though, since tools like machine learning require in-depth knowledge of coding languages. Powerful insights are within reach, but only if teams are able to collect and process data, then create the models necessary to analyze and predict based off of this information.


Microsoft is about to change that.


Yesterday, they launched a new automated machine learning interface in their online Azure portal. It enables business experts without coding abilities to train machine learning models in a simple interface. This allows companies of all sizes and business leaders from a variety of backgrounds to make use of artificial intelligence tools.


The new automated interface can connect to a variety of data sources and uses a series of simple dropdown menus to navigate users through the specifications required to create a working model. Exploring your data is easy and structured results are delivered quickly.


For more information on Azure’s new tool, check out the Azure portal. You can also learn how to create and explore automated machine learning experiments.


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