AWS re:Inforce hones in on cloud security

AWS re:Inforce hones in on cloud security

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Photo of computerFollowing the success of AWS re:Invent, Amazon has announced a new cloud security conference titled AWS re:Inforce. Over the course of two days, topics like secure APIs, AWS tools of all flavors, privacy, etc will be covered.


After a keynote by AWS VP and CISO Steve Schmidt, the conference will feature a variety of group sessions, technical bootcamps, workshops, labs, and more. To keep things extra fun, there will be a conference-long game of AWS security Capture the Flag!


Among other content, attendees will able to attend a variety of breakout sessions during the two-day event. There are a few different options for breakouts:


Intermediate - 200 Level
This is the right session for you if you’re just starting with AWS services, as content will focus on basics: use cases, features, etc. See a list of 200-level sessions here.


Advanced - 300 Level
In this level of breakout session, attendees may not have hands-on experience with specific topics, but should be well-versed in basic AWS security. If you’re interested in compliance, this is the level for you. See a list of 300-level sessions here.


Expert - 400 Level
If you know your way around AWS security across a variety of situations, this is probably the level for you, since content focuses the advanced details of relevant systems. If you’re interested in future developments of the technology, this will also be covered. See a list of 400-level sessions here.


The AWS Re:Inforce Conference will be held in Boston from June 25 to 26, 2019. A full conference pass is currently $100 off! For information on tickets, agenda, travel, and more, check out the official Re:Inforce website. The website even features a sample justification letter to help you attend!


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