Practice machine learning with AWS DeepRacer

Practice machine learning with AWS DeepRacer

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Photo of cars on roadWith the AWS DeepRacer, Amazon has produced a new tool for developers to learn AI technologies like machine learning and reinforcement learning. The car is operated using Python programming, Amazon SageMaker, AWS RoboMaker, Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, Amazon S3, and Amazon CloudWatch. It uses reinforcement learning algorithms to improve racing ability over time. We saw the first demo of AWS DeepRacer back in 2018, and it has only gotten cooler since!


For those with a competitive streak, AWS takes the gamification of machine learning to new heights with AWS DeepRacer League, where developers can race their programmed cars in real-time competitions to battle for a chance to be flown to AWS re:Invent 2019 in Las Vegas.


If you don’t already have a car from last year’s AWS re:Invent, you unfortunately will have a bit of time to wait. While cars can be purchased quickly via Amazon for $399, the current estimated ship date is July 10, 2019. However, this does give you plenty of time to do your homework! Using Python, you can build reinforcement models in the AWS DeepRacer 3D racing simulator, which includes simulated tracks, training your model before eventually downloading it into your real DeepRacer car. If you don’t have one yet, you can always evaluate your model virtually.


After the car’s machine learning has been honed, developers race their cars in the league’s monthly online circuit; there are also in-person races at AWS Global Summits. Click on the linked cities below to learn more or register for a local race. For events after June 11th, visit the DeepRacer website to sign up to be notified when registration becomes available.


May 7, 2019: Madrid


May 8, 2019: London


May 15, 2019: Mumbai


May 15, 2019: Ottawa


May 22, 2019: Stockholm


May 30, 2019: Chicago


June 11, 2019: Washington, DC


June 12, 2019: Taipei


June 12, 2019: Tokyo


June 20, 2019: Shanghai


June 26, 2019: Hong Kong


June 27, 2019: Sao Paolo


June 27, 2019: Osaka


July 11, 2019: Cape Town


July 11, 2019: New York City


July 31, 2019: Beijing


August 20, 2019: Canberra


August 29, 2019: Mexico City


September 6, 2019: New Delhi


September 15, 2019: Bahrain


September 24, 2019: Singapore


September 26, 2019: Shenzhen


October 2, 2019: Switzerland


October 6, 2019: Toronto


If you're interested in more information, check out Amazon's Getting Started with AWS DeepRacer informational guide. Don't forget, AWS re:Invent 2019 is December 2nd to 6th, 2019, in Las Vegas.


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