Expanded AWS Developer Tools improve continuous delivery support

Expanded AWS Developer Tools improve continuous delivery support

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Spinning wheels, progress bars, and ticking clocks. Twiddling thumbs, tapping feet, and sighs of frustration. Removing, reworking, and rebooting. Sound familiar?


In computing, nobody likes downtime – not you, not your boss, and definitely not your end user. Whether it’s a result of something being broken or a just limited testing environment, downtime extends the overall time required to get your work done. The faster you can test and deploy the right code, the happier everyone will be. While you can be aware of how to optimize your processes and use your testing environment efficiently, it never hurts to have a little help. Luckily, Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to improve a variety of features in their suite of developer tools, including recently expanding support for continuous delivery in Amazon Container Services.



Blue/green deployments in Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and AWS Fargate

Using AWS CodeDeploy, you can use blue/green deployment to automate a new version of your ECS or Fargate service while simultaneously running an old version, iterating as needed via automated deployment until the service passes all checks, then executing with minimal issues. Monitoring is easy, and you have more control and a better bird’s-eye view of the entire application update process.


AWS CodePipeline and Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) support

In addition to using blue/green deployments in Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate, improved support via AWS CodePipeline and Amazon ECR now allows blue/green deployment with container images. When you upload an image, you can set an appropriate trigger in the continuous delivery pipeline, using automation to ensure that your images are tested thoroughly and on schedule.


With these and other improvements to AWS capabilities and frameworks, testing and deployment processes are getting better every day.