AutoML comes to Microsoft Power BI

AutoML comes to Microsoft Power BI

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In a blog post last week, Microsoft announced the general availability of their automated machine learning (AutoML) functionality in Power BI. This fully integrated feature makes some great new tools available. We’ve listed our top three below.


1. Understanding insights is easier with improved top predictors functionality. This detailed explanation of AI predictions helps you understand what elements are most important in your data.

2. Getting the information you need can be slowed by crowded reports and annoying lag time. With this update, Power BI includes better reporting functionality for training information. Reports are easier to understand at a glance and generated faster. There’s also a new tool included in binary prediction reports: cost benefit analysis.

3. Don’t want to use a Boolean value in your binary prediction? The wizard now accepts non-Boolean values, giving you the freedom to enter a wider range of data types.


Better feature recommendation and training time controls are also included in the update. To read more, check out the official Microsoft blog.



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