Recent Amazon Cloud additions enable faster application development

Recent Amazon Cloud additions enable faster application development

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Automation and machine learning are steadily improving the lives of humans, including product developers and consumers alike. These tools are combined expertly in recently released Amazon Cloud tools, which enable developers to create and deploy applications faster. Below, you’ll find some of the highlights.


Amazon MSK

Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka (MSK), which is currently in public preview, allows for easy use of Apache Kafka directly within the AWS Cloud. With this tool, developers and DevOps managers have a helping hand to do more with Kafka, even without extensive knowledge of infrastructure management. Amazon MSK also integrates well via built-in compatibilities with AWS and open-source Kafka versions. Since it takes care of operational concerns, Amazon MSK allows you to devote your time and energy to application creation. Read more.


AWS Amplify Console

For web applications with serverless backends, AWS Amplify Console is a good option. It includes services for continuous deployment and a hosting, and is compatible with modern web application frameworks including both single page app frameworks and static-site generators. For developers, the AWS Amplify Console is a good option since it creates new front- and backends environments whenever a new feature branch is connected, removing steps in the workflow and expediting production. Read more.



With the new AWS Toolkit for PyCharm plugin, it's easier than ever for developers to create and deploy serverless Python applications in AWS. The PyCharm kit includes templates to help get you started, debugging tools to help get you off the ground faster, and assistance with deployment. Read more.